Amazon Keyword Research

Keywords are the lifeblood of sales on Amazon - for both organic and sponsored results. Proper keyword research can be the difference of thousands of dollars in sales or more. 

Viral Launch offers the most comprehensive and sophisticated keyword research tools, allowing you to establish a powerful keyword strategy with unparalleled automation, data, and accuracy. Finding true Amazon buyer search terms has never been so efficient. 

All the tools that help you research for keywords

Advanced keyword research has never been easier

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Automate Your Keyword Research

Imagine getting a list of your product’s 1,000 most important keywords, in priority order, at just the click of a button. Choose to input a keyword, your ASIN, or a competitor’s ASIN, and Viral Launch will utilize ARCS™ technology to return a highly-relevant keyword list, completely automating the entire keyword research process.

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Reverse Engineer Competitors’ Keyword Strategies

Imagine seeing a list of the exact keywords your best selling competitors are ranking for and driving sales through. Viral Launch allows you to reverse engineer your competition’s keyword and sponsored ad strategies so that you can one-up them at every opportunity.

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Leave Irrelevant Keywords Behind

Imagine eliminating the time-intensive process of sorting through irrelevant keywords to find important terms that actually apply to your product. Viral Launch focuses on filtering out irrelevant words, so you can efficiently hone in on sales-driving keywords.

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Get the edge with unmatched Amazon keyword research features

  • Automated keyword discovery
  • Relevant words
  • Suggested PPC bid cost
  • Amazon reverse-asin lookup
  • Historical search volume
  • Competitor’s advertising keywords
  • Misspellings
  • Accurate search volume
  • High opportunity keywords
  • Top competitor keywords
  • Suggested keywords

Keyword Research Tool, Keyword Research Tool for Amazon by Viral Launch

Keyword Research

Find Hundreds of Related Keywords

Keyword Research helps you to quickly identify a product market’s most important sales driving keywords. Input a main keyword, and keyword research will quickly identify the most relevant and searched keywords making sure you leave no stone unturned. 

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Listing Analyzer Example

Listing Analyzer

Automate Your Keyword Research

Listing Analyzer completely automates the keyword research process by identifying the 1,000 most important keywords for products in your catalog including misspellings, suggested PPC bid cost, and more… all with no input needed from you.

Competitor Intelligence

Access the Best Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool

Competitor Intelligence allows you to quickly identify the exact keywords your competitors are ranking for and running ads to (plus historical data!). This is the ultimate tool for reverse engineering the success strategies of top sellers, as well as identifying relevant keywords they are missing.

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How to Set Up Your Listing for Success with Keyword Research

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Top questions about Keyword Research

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Each tool has its own version of a free trial. Create your free account to try them all out for yourself!

Which package should I get?

If you want to find the best keywords for your products, try the Brand Builder package. This includes each of our keyword research tools along with enough access to drive real results.

How accurate is Viral Launch’s keyword search volume?

Our internal data science team uses a combination of current and historical data points to produce the most accurate Amazon search estimates in the industry. We are extremely confident in their quality. Read more here.

What does each keyword research tool do?

Keyword Research lets you search a term and get back every related Amazon keyword. Competitor Intelligence is a supercharged reverse ASIN tool that shows you how top sellers are driving their success. Listing Analyzer doesn't even need you to enter a keyword... it simply looks at your listing and automatically gives you all of your most important keywords, with no effort needed from you.