Save time & build profits by automating your PPC for Amazon
The only PPC tool Amazon sellers need
to succeed
Customized Rules for Automation
Easy-to-Create Rules
Pick which recurring actions you want the tool to perform to keep your ads profitable.
No Black Box Rules
Tweak our templates or create your own rules, so you know exactly what’s happening.
Safety Checks
Let the rules run automatically or manually approve each action; you’re in control.
Access more data
Campaign Analysis
See how each product is performing across all campaigns, keywords, and search terms.
PPC vs. Organic Sales
We’ll show you how your ad spend is contributing to the overall health of your business.
Immediate Positive Impact
Prioritize high-converting keywords, and remove those that are draining your budget.
Implement an Informed Strategy
Free 1-1 Setup Call
Get to know Kinetic and set up your first 5 automations with a trained specialist.
Integrated Research Tools
Add the best keywords to your campaigns with integrated search and tracking data.
Drive Profits and Sales
Track organic keyword movement and ad profitability to keep improving your results.
Everything a PPC tool should be (and more)
See Product Performance
With PPC and organic data side by side, find out how your ads are contributing to your product’s overall profitability.
Manage Campaigns
Create and fine tune your campaigns with helpful keyword suggestions. Plus, get access to additional metrics like conversion rate.
Monitor Keywords
See how each keyword is performing across all of your campaigns, and make sure you’re not competing with yourself.
Find Search Terms
Leave the tedious spreadsheets behind, and find out right away which search terms you should be prioritizing or avoiding.
Create Automations
Want to make sure you’re not overspending? Or not losing rank? Set up automated rules to control your results around the clock.
Track Changes
Keep notes for yourself and monitor every change that is made, so you can always make informed decisions.