Build an Amazon PPC Strategy to Win Long-Term


Save time and Build Profits by Automating your Amazon PPC

Kinetic is a powerful sales and ranking engine that applies a holistic approach to driving organic and PPC results on Amazon. We built Viral Launch Kinetic to make what’s difficult and time-consuming, easy and automated. This is research, strategy, automation, and analytics— all in one powerful tool.

Kinetic Assist

Kinetic has a ton of capabilities and you might want some help. This is the best option for established products and can serve as a way to get started on the right foot or as an alternative to hiring internally.

What you receive:

  • Access to Kinetic PPC and all Viral Launch tools
  • One hour set up, one hour per month of ongoing optimization
  • Kinetic PPC specialist applies a Viral Launch Kinetic strategy that fits your product, market and objectives
  • Constant, rule-based adjustments curated by a PPC expert

Kinetic Managed Services

PPC can be time-consuming, so let us do it for you.  This is a great way to launch or manage products on Amazon or for brands trying to understand why their PPC isn’t working.

What you receive: 

  • Viral Launch PPC team will fully manage your “high opportunity” products
  • Fully customized campaign design and strategy
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Focus is around “holistic  management” (photography, a/b testing, price point testing, forecasting) for maximum profitability, Amazon SEO, keyword ranking

Kinetic Services
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Why Kinetic Managed Services?

More than a PPC management interface, we leverage our data, expertise, and technology to devise a custom strategy and implement the latest Amazon advertising tactics to achieve your goals. We focus on results.

  • Drive keyword ranking. Our team delivers robust market research and proven marketing tactics that enable precise PPC targeting, driving increased keyword ranking for your products.
  • Increase organic sales. On-boarding ensures complete retail-readiness, followed by increased exposure for a holistic approach to increasing your revenue.
  • Maximize your profit. More than just a low ACoS, our goal is to drive overall profitability. Through deliberate Amazon advertising spend, we use ads as one tool for increasing your profit on Amazon.
Set Goals with Market Research
Our experts complete robust research to establish realistic goals based upon your objectives and market opportunity.
Ensure Retail Readiness
To ensure maximum conversions, our professional creative team optimizes your product’s copy and photos, if necessary.
Create and Execute on Campaigns
Based on the established goals, our PPC experts create tailored, data-driven ad campaigns followed by ongoing management.
Custom Reporting and Updates
Along with consistent status updates, our team will provide custom reporting for full transparency throughout the process.
Leverage the Power of Viral Launch
After supporting tens of thousands of products on Amazon, Viral Launch has the expertise and the proprietary software to develop custom-tailored Amazon advertising strategies for driving success. Our proven products and marketing strategies drive long-term profit in an increasingly competitive market.